b'LIGHTING & BULBS PETERSON LIGHTING PRODUCTSPART NUMBER DESCRIPTION PETERSON PART NUMBER1540656 Rear Light PM-850.S1002-LS-RC1545312 Rear Light PM-851.S1002-LS-RCThe TRP parts programme now includes1540643 Rear Light PM-850.S1001-RCthe full range of mandatory and safety1545314 Rear Light PM-851.S1001-RClighting from Peterson Europe, as fitted1545315 Rear Light PM-851.H2032-LS-RC1540645 LED Fog/Reverse Combination,PM-850.S1010-RCto the Dennis Eagle and Terberg Matec1545317 Rear Light PM-1291A-R-RCrange of Refuse collection vehicles. 1545318 Rear Light PM-2291A-R-RCFull Range of mandatory 1545319 Indicator load control module PM-5505-3Featuring the latest diode technology and improved lensand safety lighting1545320 LED number plate light PM-1253C-MV-AMPdesign for brighter output and wider viewing angles, all Latest Diode technology 1541187 LED Rear Marker PM-M1268R-MV/B168-18-RCproducts are available off the shelf for next day delivery. Improved lens design 1545322 LED White utility Light, PM-1268W-MV-AMP-RC1545323 LED Work light, PM-913-MV-RC Improved pricing1545324 Amber Side Marker PM-1205A-JPT Brighter output and 1545325 Side Marker Flasher Control, PM-5001-AMP10 wider viewing angles1545326 LED Work Light PM-901-MV-RC 2 year warranty 1545327 LED directional light assembly,amber, RH SL-120411545328 LED directional light assembly,amber, LH SL-120421545329 Cab Grille LightSL-10431-RCFULL 1545330 LED directional,SL-10426-AMP-RC1545331 LED directional,SL-10421X-RC1545332 LED rear cluster PM-12881545333 LED rear cluster in No. plate PM-1288LLRANGE 2172049 Connector 2 poles PM 5505 22172365 Contour lamp ABS, LE PM-1200A2172366 Lic.plate light PM-MB153C-MV141AMP2172367 Fog lamp Rear PM-850F-SWAVAILABLE 2172420 Rear light LED left PM.851.V3003-LS2172421 Rear light LED right PM.851.V3004-LSLow beam - High beam - Front fog lightsTRP/Philips Branded Bulbs Low beam - High beam - Front fog lightsDashboard lightsBulbs for your Vans - 12 volt rangeDepending on your needs TRP/Philips 12v Lighting offers a choiceInterior lightsof high quality bulbs which are an important factor in road safety. Dashboard lightsQuality OE bulbs supplied throughthe UK TRP programme Interior lights Vision, VisionPlus, X-TremeVision Side indicators Front indicators Front parking lights TRP 2nd Line Bulbs from PhilipsPrice saving with longer lasting bulbs Up to 130% more light Side indicators Front indicators Front parking lights High performance and Light that lastsCompetitive prices 3rd stop lightReversing light 3rd stop lightReversing light Stop lightsGlove compartment lights Stop lightsRear fog lights Trunk lightsRear indicators License plate lights Rear parking lightsGlove compartment lights Rear fog lights Trunk lights4 ISSUE SIX License plate lights Rear parking lightsRear indicators'